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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

JULY 2022

- We came together to create ENERGYXCHANGE... a Web3 community of people dedicated to using our energy for change.

- We grew a tight knit community of cosmic believers, deep feelers, those healing, and healers. We've pulled in the dgens who are looking to regen and those crazy enough to join a divergent ape-cult.

- We've hosted dream interpretation spaces with our in-house metaphysical master Tarak Uday, created a private group for support/sharing, and guided people one-on-one. None of us are paid to do this yet we prioritize it because we truly feel if we take care of our community our community will take care of the world.


- We brought skateboards to kids at an orphanage in Bali; bought via donations from @steezyapegang

- We gave business to a local chef who cook/prepared 100 boxes of food so we could feed 100 people in the Slums in Kuta, Bali. All was documented by our friend Tomas and we'll be uploading content in blogs to finally share!


- We raised over $10,000USD to build a shop for kids & their village in Lombok, Indonesia.

- Happy Shop Lombok was built & filled with local Sasak goods.

- The shop has also doubled as a community space for important projects on the island.

- They've hosted @ShelterForLombokDogs for their PUPPY YOGA to get stray dogs adopted.


- We received another $15,000 donation from an amaaaazing community member and have been plotting where we will allocate the funds. We're really excited about this one so will keep you updated!

MARCH - MAY 2023

Was a lot of working behind the scenes to really map out what the future of EXC looks like. We knew we wanted to do a 501(c)(3) non-profit but first wanted to take the time to learn really truly what we were getting into. What it broke down to was this...

We want to become the standard for giving in Web3. This meant keeping the responsibility in our own hands vs raising funds and passing it on to another non-profit where we really don't see where the money is going.

It's also important to note that when we filed for the 501(c)(3) status we promptly chose to not be paid out through the non-profit. We wanted to confidently that 100% of what you donate goes to people + places that need it the most.

As of May 2023 the paperwork for EXC International has been submitted and is 501(c)(3) pending; aka any donations can be backdated and sent once the filing has fully processed.

Some people we'd LOVE to thank are...

- @ifishdoyou for guiding us every step of the way + being the little voice to say DO IT!!!

- @theweb3attorney for always helping us sort the legalities.

- @iamarkdev for being the godsend that made us realize truly this was all possible.

- @carefreebear1 for her continued above and beyond support.

Plus all our EXC fam who's been with us, trusting us, loving us, helping us from day 1. We told you we had a vision and we promised you we'd make you proud. In less than a year we've been able to pull off so much because of you.


Rae + Daniel

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